Biotene Mouthwash

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  • Alcohol free
  • Antibacterial
  • Cleans and refreshes without burning
  • Contains four natural antibacterial enzymes that kill bacteria found in oral infections and gingivitis without any side effects.
  • Specially formulated to actually soothe as it cleans.
  • Acts quickly to help neutralize mouth odors.
  • Promotes gingival health without detergents, strong flavors and the stinging of alcohol.
  • Comes with a sanitary flip-top closer for dispensing easily into glass or directly into mouth.
  • Works without staining.


Biotène Mouthwash is especially beneficial to individuals experiencing Dry Mouth or having oral irritations.


Imagine a mouthwash with a soft, gentle feel containing a strong antibacterial formula. A mouthwash that, instead of irritating tender tissues, positively contributes to their health. Only Biotène contains salivary enzymes which boost the defense system normally found in your mouth. Together, they help protect your teeth and oral tissues and promote healing.

How To Use:

Use 15ml (one tablespoon). Swish thoroughly for 30 seconds and spit out. If your throat is dry, you may slowly sip one table spoon of Biotène mouthwash two or three times daily.

Why Xylitol?

  • Xylitol is a naturally occurring sweetener found in berries, fruits and mushrooms. It also occurs in small quantities in the human body.
  • It is the natural sweetener used in First Teeth.
  • It inhibits the growth of pathogenic bacteria (because bacteria can not use it to grow and metabolize).
  • It does not promote dental decay.
  • There is evidence to suggest that it prevents the effects of pathogenic bacteria in the oral cavity and throat.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it safe if I swallow the Biotène mouthwash ?Yes, although it is not recommended that you do so, there are no dangerous side-effects if you happen to swallow some of the mouthwash.

Should I rinse after using the mouthwash ? No, because the mouthwash is alcohol free, there is no need to rinse your mouth out after using the product. Not rinsing allows the enzymes to continue working after use.

Can I dilute the Biotène Mouthwash with Water ? We do not recommend diluting the mouthwash, because you will lessen the effectiveness. However, if you feel the mouthwash has too strong of a taste, you may dilute it. Only dilute what you need at a time.

How often should I use the Biotène Mouthwash ? The product is designed to be use as often as you like especially after brushing and before bed.

Why does the Mouthwash contain Calcium ? The Calcium in Biotène Mouthwash helps to rebuild enamel on your teeth and it also helps to neutralize acids in the mouth.

Can I use the Biotène mouthwash with another mouthwash or another toothpaste other than Biotène ? No! Due to the sensitive nature of the enzymes contained within our product, if you use Biotène mouthwash in conjunction with another mouthwash, the enzymes will be destroyed and the Biotène mouthwash will be ineffective. Using another mouthwash especially an alcohol based mouthwash in conjunction with Biotène toothpaste will destroy the enzymes in the toothpaste as well.

What Flavor is used in the Mouthwash ? The Biotène mouthwash is flavored with natural Peppermint.