Adjusting to upper dentures

Ask Denturist DarrylAdjusting to upper dentures
Chris Dodson asked 2 months ago

I am 49 and in mid July I had my upper dentures.  This included several removal of existing bad teeth and a very few good.  Ive had my one day, one week and one month fittings/check up.  The next realign is scheduled for January.  All throughout I have complained about an ill fitting experience or rather uneven, each time with some grinding down with a Dremel looking device that fit well at first.  My issue has been not internally within my mouth only, but outwardly as well.  You can see in my face the ridge of the dentures (I am small framed/weight).  I look as though I have a pouch of chew in my mouth now at all times.  Internally the gap is noticeable when I eat/drink soup/beverages etc.   What should I ask for that they take me seriously and address my concerns that will produce results?