shaz asked 6 years ago

I have recently been made a new denture. I have been an upper wearer for 26 years and never a problem. But I am unable to tolerate the new denture material?Not only one, but two.The first one left me with a paste/film/waxy feel in my mouth which then left me very ill. Sick to my stomach, headaches, brain fog, hot/cold sweats, very dark horrific thoughts. It was as if I were being poisoned. Much of these symptoms would dissipate when removing the appliance.A second was made with different materials and I had the same experience but a lesser impact, however, this time I broke out with a very bad allergic reaction inside my mouth which as required medication to help relieve it.Do you have any idea as to why this might happen? And what can I do about it?I must have teeth. I am 47 and a mother of 4.. I can not be without. Thank goodness I still have my old one, but I now need a bottom partial and I can\’t seem to get along with the materials used.I am hoping you can help. 

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askdenturist answered 6 years ago

Your question is not unusual, but isn’t that common either, but it is a serious situation that has to be corrected, and can not be corrected by adjusting the denture,
from what you mentioned, you had an allergic reaction to both of your new upper dentures,
When the dentures are been made in the dental lab, there are certain specific technical procedures that have to be followed and can not be short cut. One of these is the length of time the acrylic material used to make the final denture is processed to cure the ingredients used. If this allotted time is reduced or the mixture of the two ingredients is wrong, the material does not cure properly, and you are left with this uncured, liquid acrylic inside the denture, which can cause the reactions you mentioned.
Aside from that you may be allergic to the acrylic itself, which in that case a non-allergic acrylic has to be used. Either way, you need the denture remade properly, as well as the lower partial made properly. The largest reaction to these reaction chemical issues is on the upper denture , because of it’s location and closeness to tissue.
I suggest you return to your dental practitioner and discuss this with him or her, and have them remake the denture and have the lab procedures followed closely to make sure either the acrylic material is cured properly and/or a different material is used all together.
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