Can you help me with my infected gums and jaw bones?

Ask Denturist DarrylCategory: Denture HealthCan you help me with my infected gums and jaw bones?
Anonymous asked 7 years ago

I have a very severe oral infection. It is so bad that I had 27 teeth without cavities pulled in December. I had a pcr test taken that shows quite a few pathogens. No dentist or doctor would help me. Not maxillofacial surgeon, periodontist, holistic dentist. doctor. None of them. I was always shewed out of their office. I am not sure what their problem is. I now know that I had and still have periodontal disease. Had I known about LANAP, I think I could have gotten help with LANAP periodontal surgery. My gums are still infected and so very swollen. A culture could not be grown from the gums. I think for two reasons. 1st, a swab of surface gums would not work, and I was looked at as if I was weird when I asked anyone to take a culture below the gums. 2nd, I have researched and researched and have recently found new research on at least one of the pathogens found by PCR testing. That new research took me to a site that explains that at least one of the pathogens cannot be grown via culture, and it was periodontal site. The oral infection has caused really bad IBD. I still think that if I can get the infection out of my gums, my gut will heal. Can you help me? I only learned about LANAP in the last week or so.
Marianne Rodgers

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askdenturist answered 7 years ago

Hello Marianne,
Thank you very much for your inquiry.  Your situation and condition certainly needs attending to , and I can understand your frustration from past experiences and wanting to have it remedied.
Unfortunately, from what you have described, your situation is beyond the scope of practice of a Denturist, which can certainly fabricate and insert what ever appliance is needed and necessary for you to wear, but having said that, you should have your case looked at and treated without delay.
Not knowing where you live, who you have been to for consultation and what treatment plans have been prescribed to you, it is unfair to speculate as to where you can go to next or who to see.
I applaud your willingness to do your own research into your situation, although your just being currently aware of LANAP doesn’t mean it would have been the proper treatment for you.  Having IBD, as well as some other other conditions you mentioned can complicate matters, but you still need to be respectively treated and in the end provided with a proper prosthetic appliance.  Not knowing what if any teeth are remaining, this could be a wide variety of dental appliances.
There is nothing wrong with you doing online research, gaining insight and seeking treatments for yourself, then consulting with your doctor and hopefully a knowledgeable and experienced dental professional, who together will work out a proper treatment plan to get you back on the road to a healthy lifestyle.  Just remember, many online treatments may not be right for you and are to be discussed with your doctor to see if they could be.
I would certainly consult with your medical doctor and depending on where you live to arrange to consult with someone who can an dis willing to help you.
Marianne, I certainly can understand and relate to your frustration , but you are not alone, and there are others with similar conditions as you know, and the person treating you must be made aware of your complete medical and dental history, so he can take a wholistic approach to helping you, because not having the proper dental appliance made for you and been able to wear it will result in other situations arising and complicating the whole matter, so please do not give up, and with your doctor on your side and a very knowledgeable and experienced dental practitioners, possibly from several different branches who will all work together as a team to helping you.
I would like to keep in touch with you, please let me know how you are progressing and if I can offer any further help, let me know.
very best regards,