Can you help me with my infected gums and jaw bones?

Ask Denturist DarrylCategory: Denture HealthCan you help me with my infected gums and jaw bones?
Anonymous asked 5 years ago

I have a very severe oral infection. It is so bad that I had 27 teeth without cavities pulled in December. I had a pcr test taken that shows quite a few pathogens. No dentist or doctor would help me. Not maxillofacial surgeon, periodontist, holistic dentist. doctor. None of them. I was always shewed out of their office. I am not sure what their problem is. I now know that I had and still have periodontal disease. Had I known about LANAP, I think I could have gotten help with LANAP periodontal surgery. My gums are still infected and so very swollen. A culture could not be grown from the gums. I think for two reasons. 1st, a swab of surface gums would not work, and I was looked at as if I was weird when I asked anyone to take a culture below the gums. 2nd, I have researched and researched and have recently found new research on at least one of the pathogens found by PCR testing. That new research took me to a site that explains that at least one of the pathogens cannot be grown via culture, and it was periodontal site. The oral infection has caused really bad IBD. I still think that if I can get the infection out of my gums, my gut will heal. Can you help me? I only learned about LANAP in the last week or so.
Marianne Rodgers