Anna Stenseth asked 4 years ago

Can you recommend chewing gum that does not stick to dentures?

1 Answers
askdenturist answered 4 years ago

Thank you for your question. Many people stop chewing gum soon after they beginning wearing dentures, both complete and partial dentures, and for several and varied reasons. There have been a few brands of chewing gums on the market over the years that worked with dentures, but most of them have been discontinued or been replaced by other brands, which haven’t been so successful for denture wearers.
There is a brand that is still on the market called, “Freedent”, and it comes in several standard chewing gum flavors.
I have suggested to many of my patients, that if they had a favorite chewing gum, to try it again after getting new dentures, because, a chewing gum sticking to your dentures or other dental work depends on several factors, and your previous brand may work out just fine for you.
If it doesn’t work well, then try a brand that is marketed specifically for people with dental work, such as “Freedent”.
I hope this helps.
thank you.