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anonymous asked 3 years ago

How do I choose my teeth colour – to look more natural how often will I need to adjust the colouring.

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askdenturist answered 3 years ago

The color of your new dentures or new partials are generally chosen by the dental practitioner. If you have any remaining natural teeth or crowns, they will match the color of the new artificial teeth according to these. If you are receiving one complete denture, they will match the color/shade of your opposing side denture. If you are getting a complete set of dentures, both top and bottom, they will choose a tooth shade according to your facial skin tones, as well as to match to the tone of your eyes. The new color chosen has to be one that you are happy with, but also should be a realistic match for you, instead of the popular, but usually unrealistic \”white\” teeth look. It is impossible to adjust the color of your new teeth after there are made, except for keeping them clean and polished. You can not successfully whiten them, unless you replace them all together. Thank you,