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Bud Judson asked 6 years ago

I have a normal hard liner on my top denture and a SOFT bottom denture liner.  The top denture is very easy to keep clean using any product but I prefer RENEW.  However, my denturist cautioned me about using RENEW on the soft bottom denture liner on a daily or frequent basis and not to soak in the RENEW solution for more than a few minutes at any time.  This is not working well for me as the soft bottom liner stains on a daily basis and is difficult/impossible to clean using less aggressive cleaners like denture toothpaste or cleaning tablets like Polident etc.  The RENEW does a fantastic job when used on the soft liner but around $500.00 for re-lines I do not want to risk damaging the material.  Have you any suggestions/recommendations for safely removing the stains from the soft liner on a daily basis?  Thank you for any assistance you can offer. Bud Judson Red Deer Alberta Email

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askdenturist answered 6 years ago

Hello, Thank you for your question, The Renew Denture Cleaner does a very good job of cleaning regular hard liners such as you have on your upper denture. There are several different types of soft lining materials used, and most of them stain quite easily and are difficult to keep clean without the possibility of damaging them. I have had good success over the years advising patients to very gently brush their soft lined dentures with a soft brush or soft tooth brush and a mildly abrasive tooth paste, and not to use a bristle brush or denture creams, so to remove as much of the surface stain as possible, then to soak the denture with the soft liner in Renew for about 20 minutes, then rinse the denture very well under running water, and then repeat the brushing and 20 minute Renew soaking until the soft liner is clean. Afterwards, you must clean the soft liner daily, using mostly the soft brush and tooth paste washing and if needed soaking in the denture cleaner. You are correct, soft liners are expensive, and need to be treated differently than regular hard liners, and the above cleaning procedure should give you years of use from it. Thank you, best regards