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Alyson asked 4 years ago

Hi. I’ve been waring dentures for a couple of years now, and the lid on my bath broke. I’ve never liked the plain white plastic of my bath, but it was given to me by my orthodontist, so I just dealt with it. Now that the lid’s broken off, I’ve been trying to find a new bath that looks nice as I frequently have company that uses my bathroom. However, all I’ve been able to find are tacky plastic tubs, all in plain colors. or the “ultrasonic” tubs (not what I want either) and both kinds are not at all attractive. I know that there are nice tubs for retainers, so I’m wondering if you know of any that aren’t plastic, or at least don’t LOOK like plastic for dentures? If not, can I use a ceramic base with a plastic insert to cushion the dentures? Thank you for any help and/or advice.

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askdenturist answered 4 years ago

Thank you for your question.
After browsing in your favorite drug store or Pharmacy, and you don’t find a denture or “dental appliance” container you don’t like the look of, you can certainly use any other such other container.
My suggestions are that the container by large enough and deep enough to hold your denture, teeth side down, and that it be able to be completely cover your denture in water and cleaner. You can use any such container, as long as it’s shatter proof and unbrakabele, so it cushions your denture in case it falls, and protects your denture from leaks.
If you look around, there are many household containers that can be used, and may be more decorative. The important thing to rememebr is that what ever container you use, it has to be washed out and kept hygenic regularly and often.
I hope this helps.
best regards.