food and dentures

Raju asked 3 years ago

Hi I’ll be getting full dentures soon – I’m wondering how concerned I need to be with food coming in between my dentures and gums? Is this a real issue and how do I prevent that from happening.

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askdenturist answered 3 years ago

Yes, this should be a concern, but not until after you have them, and have worn them for while, about two months. After about two months you will realize if this will be a concern.
Since I do not know if you have been wearing denture before, if these are your first dentures and/or partials, but after you have worn them for a little while, and you are getting unrealistic amounts of food between your dentures and your gums, I advise you to return to the dental practitioner who made them. The dentures may need to be remade or altered to remedy this, sometimes certain foods will need to be avoided altogether. Food under dentures is common, but many times can be remedied successfully with a good dental practitioner who is concerned about your situation.
I hope this helps.