How do I eliminate the staining from my bottom plate??

Ask Denturist DarrylCategory: Full DenturesHow do I eliminate the staining from my bottom plate??
Jens Sorenson asked 4 years ago
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askdenturist answered 4 years ago

Thank you for your question.
A lower denture whether it’s a complete or partial denture is usually more prone to staining than an upper denture, because of where it is; in the lower section of the mouth, surrounded constantly by saliva, food debris, etc.
So removing the denture on a regular basis and cleaning it on a regular basis is the key to keeping it clean and free from continuous staining. The removed denture can be either brushed with regular tooth paste, soaked in a good quality denture clean such as “Renew Denture Cleaner” or actually both.
I have had wonderful success asking patients to remove their dentures, then giving the dentures a good tooth paste brushing, using their favorite flavored tooth paste and a soft tooth brush ( never use a hard tooth brush or those hard bristle denture brushes), then lightly brushing as well their gums and tongue, and then soaking the denture for about twenty (20) minutes in the denture cleaner, after which the dentures are very well washed with clean warm, (never hot) water before inserting back in the mouth or leaving them out for the night’s sleep in a shallow container of plain clean water.
The lower denture will always be prone to staining, and needs to be removed and cleaned on a very regular basis, other wise it will have a continuous build up of stain and food on it.
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