I have been to see a few denturists to get new teeth, and they all had different prices, why? Who do I go to ?

Ask Denturist DarrylCategory: GeneralI have been to see a few denturists to get new teeth, and they all had different prices, why? Who do I go to ?
Anonymous asked 7 years ago

I have been to see a few denturists to get new teeth, and they all had different prices,  why is that?  Who do I go to ?
Thank you in advance.

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askdenturist answered 7 years ago

A very common question, which gets asked a lot.  In most provinces in Canada, all Denturists are issued once a year a Provincial Minimum Suggested Fee Schedule or Guide, which contains all procedures they provide and what is the minimum amount or cost to the patient. which means that  for any given procedure, whether it’s a new denture, an examination, repair or reline, etc.
This also means, because it’s a Minimum Suggested Fee Guide, the costs start at the amount listed in the guide and either remain there or go up from there, which is probably why you’ve received a variety of prices from several practitioners for the same service requested.
As I used to advise patients who phoned in when I was on a local radio program “Ask the Experts”, you are not just primarily a patient, but also a consumer in the market of dental services.  If you are not comfortable or confident going for a consultation or examination by yourself bring along someone whom you trust and has your best interest at hand.  Like any other business, your business is wanted as you enter the office, so whether you go alone or with someone you trust, know what you want and ask questions.
I can not stress this enough, ask questions, find out what that practitioner is going to provide for you, what is he or she charging you, the grand total, why are they charging that amount quoted to you, and if it’s either lower or higher that another quote you received, ask why !
Especially in Canada, where we are all issued a Provincial Fee Guide, depending in which province you live in, all the fees in that province start at the same amount, so the Denturist can’t simply pick a cost out of the air for you.  If the fee quoted you is quite high, again ask why, and discuss with the practitioner why the higher price, and is it justified for you.  If you are getting more than one quote, or even so, go home and think about it, discuss it with people who’s opinions you trust and make a sound decision, not a hurried one.
There is nothing wrong , after you had your initial consultation to ask to think about it and return for another consultation and to ask more question, or if you are comfortable with that particular practitioner to start the treatment at that time.
An informed and  educated patient will make a better decision.  Like I mentioned before, and I stress this with the senior patients, you should be treated with fairness and respect and not be taken advantage of with over inflated prices and/or poor quality dental services and products.
As to the second part of your question, where do you go.  Only you as an informed and educated patient can make that choice. After visiting and talking with the actual practitioner will you get a better feeling and comfort level as to whom you want to go back too.  After weighing all that has been said to you and presented to you upon your initial visit, and possibly discussing it with that person you trust, will you make an informed choice.  Do not be swayed by impressive offices, high tech shows or fancy words, in the end it is between you and the practitioner and what he or she will provide for you at a fair price.
I hope this helps answer your question,
all the best,