I still like my old dentures, but should I reline them and when ?

Ask Denturist DarrylCategory: Relines and RebasesI still like my old dentures, but should I reline them and when ?
Anonymous asked 8 years ago

Dear Darryl,
I have an old set of dentures that I love but I heard that I should reline them.  What advantage does that have and how often should it be done?
Thank you for your answer in advance!

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askdenturist answered 8 years ago

A lot of it depends on how old your dentures are, and how well they are fitting.
Having a set of dentures that you love to wear and like the appearance of, I understand you wanting to hang on to them and you should, they are part of you.  If you find them a bit loose, or not holding as well as they used to or you think they should be, a reline be the correct answer, but if the dentures are very old then a reline may be a complete waste of money, and the only correct remedy to fit them with a more extensive rebase (see previous question), or have new dentures made.
If new dentures are required, you have every right to request the new ones to be made to look like your old ones.  Although, sometimes it isn’t possible to do this because of changes in your mouth to make them look exactly, but most of the time they can be, or made to look better.
As much as you have heard about relining, it may not be the correct answer for you.  Seek good advice.