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Anonymous asked 7 years ago

I had 7 upper teeth and 2 bottom teeth pulled as well as an upper immediate denture.  I had a partial lower that was also placed. I had terriblepain and went back for an appointment the next day. My specific issue is that I had my upper and lower partial adjustment done and the top felt okay but now I am getting cuts and sores on the inside of my cheek as well as on the upper inside of my mouth. I also cannot wear my lower partial as it is much too painful and when I chew down it hurts terribly. My lower denture would jump out a bit when I chewed but now they hurt too much so I dont wear them more than an hour a day. Please let me know what I should do next??

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askdenturist answered 6 years ago

Thank you for your question. The answer to your concern is similar to the previous question,
“Immediate Denture after teeth pulled”.
I suggest you read my reply to this previous question as there are several similarities to your concerns.
Although, specific you, it sounds like your posterior teeth in your complete upper denture and, or partial lower denture were placed too high, exerting unnecessary pressure on your healing sort tissues and underlying bone structures.
Both the upper and lower denture sound like they are not seated well and are lifting and shifting, causing the cuts and soreness, as well as the extra length and possibly ‘off the ridge’ placement of your posterior teeth causing cheek biting, meaning the posterior teeth are placed too far off from where they originally grew from.
I also strongly recommend you returning to your dental practitioner who made these dentures and discuss with him or her, you concern, as they will not resolve themselves without either major alterations, if this is even possible, or simply to have the dentures remade. 
Immediate denture, if made and inserted correctly can be a wonderful experience and make the patient feel like they never had their teeth extracted, but if done incorrectly, it can be a very trying experience till things are corrected.
I wish you well,
Take care