Immediate Denture after teeth pulled

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Anonymous asked 7 years ago

Last month I had all my teeth pulled and immediate Dentures put in. The upper denture fit my mouth but the teeth too far forward by at about 5 mm. The teeth now rest on my bottom lip and you can see the empty areas in my mouth from my pulled teeth placement in the soft lining of the new denture and when light shines in you can see that the teeth in the denture are not covering where my old teeth were. The bottoms are worse and I can’t wear them at all as I have trouble closing my mouth. 

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askdenturist answered 6 years ago

Thank you for your question and real concern. 
The whole point of Immediate dentures is to place the teeth in your mouth very quickly after surgery, usually by the surgeon him or herself, which means, before you have any teeth extracted your new dentures are “pre” made in a dental lab or Denturist’s office.  So the dentures are ready to be inserted.
After taking all your impressions and Occlusion records, while you have your natural teeth, the Immediate dentures are made as close as possible to your natural teeth and those teeth in relation to your jaws, both in relation to the bone supports and the height of those teeth in relation to the bone and soft tissue supports.
Having said that, it sounds from your question, this was not done.  Your upper anterior teeth were placed to far forward and also too low, resulting them resting on your lower lip, and the posterior teeth probably also placed to low, which means your upper denture is too long in vertical height.
If this is so, there would be tremendous pressure and force placed on your upper ridges and especially on your lower tissues and gums, and considering these are Immediate Dentures, the excessive  pressures on your still unhealed gums would be extreme and unnecessary.
I strongly recommend you return to your dental practitioner who ‘made’ the dentures and discuss this all with him or her. The dentures will probably have to be remade as from your question, the placement of the anterior and posterior teeth are in the wrong places, and no amount of post insertion adjustments can completely correct this.
Your current dentures could be altered to possibly make them more comfortable, so you can wear them while the new ones are being made, so you won’t ever have to be without teeth.
I wish you well,
Take care,