Immediate denture issues

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Anonymous asked 6 years ago

I would like to know how long I have to wait to have new dentures made  Last month I had 17 teeth removed and had an immediate denture fitted and made for me. Since then, I have been back to my Denturist 4 times because of sore areas in my mouth. He put in soft liners and made adjustments, however, the denture teeth and the gums are much too large. I am unable to speak or chew food correctly and I was told that I need to be patient and must wait to have a new immediate denture made and they will not tell me how long that will be. I would appreciate it if you could please tell me how long before I should reasonably wait until a new one is made.

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askdenturist answered 6 years ago

Hello, One of the advantages to having Immediate dentures made instead of other forms of dentures is that if made correctly, Immediate dentures exactly replace in plastic what has been removed by the extraction procedure of your remaining teeth. The exact length, width and height of both of your jaws where the denture will sit, as well as the size of your natural teeth are recorded and transferred to your Immediate dentures during the process of making them before you receive them. Sometimes you can correct or improve the cosmetics if desired, but the point is that when you have your Immediate dentures inserted right after your remaining teeth are extracted, they should be as close as possible to all your upper and lower jaw relations and tooth placements are as they were naturally. Unfortunately, this Is not what happens in many cases, such as yours, and relines are not always the answer, as relines do not correct any of the qualities I mentioned above, and repeated relines can actually make the Immediate denture more ill-fitting. Now, that your extractions are completed and you already have your Immediate dentures, at this point in time, your bone structures and tissues are still healing, but a new set of denture can be started and made, although they are not Immediate dentures any more. I hope this helps, Best regards,