Implant surgery complications

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Anonymous asked 8 years ago

I was in good health before going in for dental implants. Right after the surgery i started sneezing uncontrollably. Surgeon says that is no a common side effect. It is 18hrs later and still experiencing sever symptoms. How long should these last and what could it be?.

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askdenturist answered 8 years ago

Thank you for this question.
Any uncommon symptoms or possible complications following any dental surgery such as implants is of concern, and I would suggest seeing the surgeon that performed your procedure or even a secondary dental practitioner to confirm what is causing your sneezing.
Without knowing the exact locations and specific procedure of implants you received, it is impossible to determine the exact cause of your symptoms, some causes may be an allergy to latex used, or possibly depending on again location of the implants, a sinus communication/perforation matter if implants were placed in that region.
In the mean time, regarding sneezing, you have to be very careful when sneezing, not to put pressure on the sinus, and other surgical sites as healing of these locations can be slow and must be treated accordingly.
Either way you need to have it attended to promptly by an experienced dental surgical practitioner, such as the person that treated you or if you want, another practitioner to confirm the opinion.
I hope this helps,
Thank you