Loose Dentures

Anonymous asked 7 years ago

I recently had my final fitting for my dentures yesterday and they were still in the wax mould. The bottoms kept flopping around when the Dentureist asked me to say the alphabet and she told me the only way to keep them in place is a denture adhesive. Is this a correct statement or does that just mean she hasn\’t figured out how to fit them correctly? I have talked to some friends and family with dentures and they say they don\’t use need anything extra to keep them secure.

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askdenturist answered 7 years ago

Hello, Thank you for your question, as it is a very common concern, unfortunately. First, the wax ‘try-in’ stage of the denture making process gives you an unfinished version of your final denture’s look and fit, but it should be as close as possible to the finished version, but there is a good chance that what you tried on during this stage will be what your final dentures will be like. The wax version is rarely as well fitting as the final plastic version, yet it should in most cases fit well, or if not, it should be worked on until it is as well fitting as possible in your case. In too many cases the lingual (inside) and the buccal (outside) flanges or borders of the lower denture are initially made or later trimmed too short and too thin as to offer proper stability and fit, as I think may be in your case. Far too many lower dentures are used in conjunction with denture adhesives, which if made properly wouldn’t require the addition of a denture adhesive. I suggest you have a consultation with your dental practitioner before your dentures are finished to make sure all that was possible to make your denture fit properly was done, as it is a lot more work and time without your denture after it is finished to correct the above mentioned inadequacies. I hope this helps, Thank you