Should I take my denture out at night, or when I go to sleep ?

Ask Denturist DarrylCategory: GeneralShould I take my denture out at night, or when I go to sleep ?
Anonymous asked 7 years ago

Hi Darryl,
Am I supposed to take my denture out at night and when I am sleeping?
Thank you kindly.

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askdenturist answered 7 years ago

Similar to the soaking your dentures at night question. There are several schools of practice on taking your dentures out when you go to sleep or at night.  If you ask 3 people you’ll get 4 different answers to this question.
There are many reasons for taking your dentures out at night, many times it is to give your mouth “a break”, removing all the stresses on your gums and pressures on other remaining natural teeth.  If you’ve received new dentures, you may find removing them at night gives you the relief needed to get used to them easier.
One of the older schools of practice is once you get your dentures you leave them in all the time, including when you sleep.  As there are exceptions to every rule, keeping your dentures in 24/7 has no real benefit, and can cause several ill effects.  You don’t sleep with your new shoes on.
Keeping your dentures very clean and respecting your mouth, your jaws and respecting you as a patient and human being is what your practitioner should be doing, and he or she should tailor a treatment plan specifically for you as to whether or not you should take your dentures out or not when you sleep.  There is no “one” rule to follow, each patient is different and each treatment to follow is different designed only for you.
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