Gordon Dwane asked 7 years ago

first time with dentures. I just got my dentures 5 days ago,starting to notice areas of my jaw are getting sore which makes it painful to wear, is this normal and what can I do about the sores. I take the dentures out at night.

1 Answers
askdenturist answered 7 years ago

Hello Gordon, Your question is a very good one, as well as common, unfortunately, you haven\’t provided much details for me to give you sufficient advice. But, having said that, it is generally healthier to remove the new dentures at night when you sleep.  It is common to experience discomfort with your new dentures, but it depends where the discomfort is and why it\’s there.  If the dentures are made correctly, the discomfort can be relieved and will soon subside in time, if the dentures are not made properly, much of the discomfort will continue and not go away. Please provide me with more detail, as to what teeth were extracted, when, and what kind of dentures you received, as much information as possible.  In the mean time, I suggest you returning to the dental practitioner who provided you with your new dentures to check everything over, and  to make sure they fit properly and you are on the right track to being able to wear your new denture, take care,