Sunken Ridge and Face Issues

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Anonymous asked 7 years ago

I lost my upper teeth about 2 months ago and had an immediate denture placed and at first, my face bulged under my nose like and I had a sunken ridge above my gum line with little cheek issues where roots of some of my teeth were. I look very different and my dentist told me I lost some bone. What options do I have to help in this situation?  

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askdenturist answered 6 years ago

Thank you for your question, and your concern.  From what you stated , it seems your new complete upper immediate denture may have been to think at the front surface, just under your nose, then it sloped inward, then the artificial teeth angled outwards, all resulting in you acquiring a different post- surgical appearance. 
It is highly possible that during the removal of your remaining natural teeth,you lost some bone mass, which is common.
All remove bone mass, tissue mass, and tooth shapes and structure can and should be replaced back in the form of a complete denture for you.
I strongly recommend you return to the dental practitioner that inserted your immediate denture and indicate these matter, which all can be remedied either by altering the shape of your existing denture or the complete remake of your denture.  Your dental practitioner should be able to help you with this, as, you do not have to look that different after the removal of your natural teeth and of yoru immediate upper denture.
The areas above where you mentioned sunken ridge, this has to be built up in the denture, basically, whatever mass was removed surgically or atrophied naturally, has to be replaced in the denture to keep and retain the support of your soft tissue areas,  This can all be accomplished with a correctly made and maintained complete upper denture.
You have options, and from what you indicated, after discussing these concerns with your dental practitioner, you should be alright for years to come.
Take care,