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John asked 3 years ago

Hi I like to wear my dentures most of the time including at night, as I have a partner. I grind my dentures – is there a way to strengthen my dentures? or do I need a night guard?

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askdenturist answered 3 years ago

I understand your wanting to wear your dentures at night time, but it creates several issues that are difficult to correct, without removing them while you sleep. Your mouth and gum tissues are being negatively affected as well as your dentures. I stress that if, and when you can, to remove your dentures when you sleep.
If you want to wear them at night time, you will almost always grind them together. This is common.
You could try a specially made night guard that fits onto your dentures, depending if you have partials or complete dentures. I would revisit your dental practitioner and describe your situation, and see if they can recommend a night-guard appliance for you. There are many different versions of them , and one that will work specifically for you should be chosen.
I hope this helps.