"teeth in a day"

Anonymous asked 8 years ago

I see TV ads for ‘teeth in a day’ How can they do this ? Is it safe? Doesn’t my mouth need time to heal before I get new teeth (I still have several natural ones)

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askdenturist answered 8 years ago

Thank you, a very good question,
More and more clinics are offering this specific service, resulting from the advance in technology and training of the clinicians.  Like any medical and dental treatment, you want to seek only a reputable practitioner, not just the ones you see advertise on the television or hear on the radio.
Seek several consultations at different clinics and judge which one you feel most comfortable at and discuss in length exactly what is going to be done and all the finances involved. No surprises later is best.
There are many variations to “teeth in a day”, and the procedure is tailored to your specific needs and requirements. There is no “one” way to do it.
If you still have some existing natural teeth, these will be checked out as to their condition, and the practitioner will present to you a few different possible treatment plans, again requiring an in depth conversation between you and the practitioner to provide you with the best alternative.
“Teeth in a day”, essentially means you will be having your natural teeth extracted, and either dentures, partials, or individual teeth placed with or without implant  before you go home. The healing takes place after this placement.
Again, from your question, you would need to talk directly with a qualified and experienced dental practitioner to see exactly what you need and what is best for you.
Do not be reluctant to seek advice and to ask lots of questions before you start any treatments. It could save you a lot of problems and unnecessary headaches later.
very best regards,