Upper partial plate

John asked 2 years ago

I had a front tooth missing (plus others in the back) so the dentist gave me a upper partial for the front tooth and some others in the back. My problem is when I talk spit, or saliva shoot out past the front tooth. All adjustments to date have not worked. Can this be fixed, is it normal with other people?

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askdenturist answered 2 years ago

Hello John,
Most dental matters causing problems can be remedied, but only after they are correctly identified. From your question, it sounds like you have an upper partial denture that was recently inserted, and has one artificial tooth in the front area and more artificial teeth in the posterior region. If this is your first partial denture, sometimes it takes a little while for the mouth to adjust or get use to having something foreign in it, but this usually resolves itself over time, and with persistence. If the artificial tooth in front of the partial is not positioned correctly, and there are spaces or gaps between it and the surrounding natural teeth or the tooth is too short; all which can allow saliva to come through. Then this front tooth and it’s position would have to be corrected either with a new properly shaped tooth or repositioning the existing one to close up these gaps and to realign it more in line with the surrounding natural teeth. If the partial is an acrylic type, it may be too thick in certain areas and will need to be reduced or thinned in accordance with the natural contours of your palette.. Your question addresses a common dental issue, and usually can be remedied, as long as the issue causing the problem is correctly identified and addressed. I hope this helps. Best regards.