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don't want to say asked 3 years ago

Hi I am in my early 20s – I think I am too young for dentures and they will hurt and look fake. Can I be too young for a full top denture? Does it hurt?

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askdenturist answered 3 years ago

These are very good and common questions.
No, you are not too young, needing dentures is not age specific, and every person’s situation is unique.
I would strongly recommend you going to visit several dental practitioners to see what each can do for you. My not knowing why you require dentures in your 20’s is a concern to me, but “actually visiting” several practitioners in person and not over the phone or online and talking openly with each of them could save you lots of hassles and heartache down the road. You will be wearing dentures for many years, and it can be a good experience if you do your homework before you start. Avoid practitioners that will promise you everything, tell you that you need all the “bells and whistles”, or are much over priced. Avoid the fast talkers and high pressure sales tactics, so common today. What you require are well made dentures, by a good practitioner that you trust!
When you visit these practitioners, always bring someone along with you, whom you also trust for a second set of eyes and ears.
Poorly made dentures can look very false and cause much unnecessary pain and discomfort, both of which can be avoided with eyes wide open,shopping around. If the dentures are made correctly, no one should know you are wearing them, and without pain or discomfort.
best of luck,