Biotene Gum

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  • Relieves oral dryness
  • Effectively fights the cause and effects of bad breath
  • Protects between brushings
  • Reduces plaque and mouth sugars
  • Doesn’t stick to dental work
  • Sugar-free


Recommended for anyone experiencing oral dryness


Biotène Dry Mouth Gum will help you stimulate saliva flow and extra protection while away from home. When used daily, the active enzymes in Biotène can be effective in protecting your teeth between brushings.

How to use:

Chew one or two pieces, as required, to relieve dry mouth and throat (especially recommended after meals when unable to brush). Biotène gum does not stick to dental appliances.

Why Xylitol?

  • Xylitol is a naturally occurring sweetener found in berries, fruits and mushrooms. It also occurs in small quantities in the human body.
  • It is the natural sweetener used in First Teeth.
  • In inhibits the growth of pathogenic bacteria (because bacteria can not use it to grow and metabolize).
  • It does not promote dental decay.
  • There is evidence to suggest that it prevents the effects of pathogenic bacteria in the oral cavity and throat.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the Biotène dental chewing gum sugar free ? Yes, Biotène gum is sweetened with Xylitol. A natural sweetener that is not a sugar. Biotène gum is excellent for diabetics.

Is Glucose Oxidase a sugar ?  No, Glucose Oxidase is an enzyme.

How long can I chew the gum ? The gum can be chewed for as long as you like but should be kept in the mouth for at least 3-5 minutes to allow the enzymes to work.

Will Biotène gum stick to my dentures ? No, Biotène gum will not stick to dentures.

Can anyone chew Biotène gum ? Yes, Biotène gum is safe for anyone to chew including children.