leaving dentures in

Melinda asked 3 years ago

Do I need to take my dentures out? As in I clean them, but leave them in 99% of the time. Is that bad for my gums?

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askdenturist answered 3 years ago

A very good question,
It is very important to remove your dentures, either while you sleep or at sometime during your waking hours. The pressure on the bone and tissues in your mouth are extreme, and these pressures need to be relieved at sometimes during a twenty four (24) hour period, at least for an eight (8) hour period of time.
The mouth was not designed to wear dentures, of any kind, so if yours are the removable types, they should be removed, not only to clean, which is important, but to relieve pressure and stresses in the mouth. This will also help reduce and/or avoid sore areas caused by the dentures. A very good and knowledgeable dental practitioner can advise you how and when to remove your dentures as well as the proper way to keep them clean.
Thank you for your question.