Gordon Dwane asked 6 years ago

In trying to give more info that you requested, I\’m 56 had a total of 10 teeth pulled,most on the bottom front wore a partial on top for years teeth removed 6/10/16 temp dentures installed same day have gone back to have adjustment made,so they do feel better,and had a soft lining put in still pretty much on soft diet having hard time chewing,notice molars are almost flat due to adjustments made to fit my mouth getting permanent dentures in Dec.

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askdenturist answered 6 years ago

Hello Gordon, Thank you for providing more information, adding this to your previous answered question, I hope when to received your new lower denture , you were made a new upper , as it sounds like the old one war quite worn down.  From what you mentioned, and the fact that your molars have been adjusted by reducing the occlusal surfaces ( chewing surfaces), it sounds like the lower denture was made to high, which would place to much pressure on your lower jaw bone and soft tissues, and possibly the posterior teeth on both your upper and lower dentures were made to high.  If this is the case, by the time they are adjusted enough to be comfortable, there may be nothing left of the occlusal surfaces of the posterior teeth to successfully and properly chew your food with. The soft lining in the lower denture will relieve some discomfort caused by this oversight in determining the correct height of the posterior teeth, but it is not the answer to the situation, and your dentures, probably both the upper and lower must be corrected, and the natural height you had with your natural teeth must be reproduced in your upcoming new dentures in December. I suggest you have a good conversation with the dental practitioner who will be making your new dentures in December before starting the procedure, to carefully look at all the adjustments that have been made on your temporary dentures and take all of them into account when making your new dentures, otherwise you will go through all the unnecessary discomfort again. my very best regards,