How to know what is normal vs needs adjustment

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Anonymous asked 8 years ago

My new temporary lower partial feels too long in the front, like my tongue doesnt have room to function properly. It hurts my tongue to speak and eat. Is this normal or should my tongue move freely?

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askdenturist answered 8 years ago

July 25, 2015

Thank you for your question, This is a very common problem with both partial and complete lower dentures, and also easily remedied.There are many variations as to what your new lower partial denture could look like, but generally the left and right sides are connected in the middle by a connective band of either metal or plastic, which passes in front of the tongue and behind the lower front teeth.When you raise or move your tongue, there is a connective tissue called a lingual frenum below your tongue which must be relieved in the denture, which ever kind, to allow it to move freely. The area in the denture or partial is called the lingual notch. See your dental practitioner, and ask him or her to check this notch to see if it has been opened or shaped properly to allow the lingual frenum to extend and move properly, as well to make sure the entire lingual section of your new partial is not to long or deep in this region, which may cause irritation and discomfort.This should fix your problem, as the discomfort your are experiencing is common with new dentures and partials it should be remedied as soon as possible, because it should not be there.Thank you